Why to use an Esports Agency in 2022

How Esport Agencies can help with recruitment and the staffing process

Gaming is an ever-evolving environment that is difficult to grasp if you don’t have your finger on the pulse of the industry. Finding a career in staffing, gaming, or organizing in esports can be and is tricky, but there are plenty of resources to help you get started. In fact, there are entire companies to help you get started! This article will help beginners to the world of esports find their starting point for the long journey ahead. 

What is Esports

Esports is the event that takes place for a digital competition in a physical space. It is used as a catch-all term for numerous types of video games played. It can cover racing games, battle royales, real time strategy games or really anything with competitiveness baked into it. Teams or individuals of professional players compete head to head in tournament-style brackets to decide who is the best of said event. Winning prize money or glory, these events have taken the world by storm in an ever-growing medium.

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Veteran Gaming and Esports Staff

Esports staffing solutions are made of veterans of the field. Whether you’re looking to join the agency as a talent or using one to host an event. Esports agencies bring unrivaled expertise to the subject with the industry experience they provide. 

They aren’t simply a company that performs a service because that’s what it says they do and then outsource what they can’t. The service and staff members come straight out of the industry to handle the solutions you require. It’s vital that you go in knowing what you want from an agency, be it: email support, permanent recruitment, action plans, client portal access, contract recruitment, or team support, all of which are services that can benefit your esports desires.

When working with a company, all the background checks you’d have to perform have already been done, so there’s zero vetting on your end. No need to muddle through applications or references when it can be all done for you. Managing salary expectations or job postings are done through websites like Hitmarker and Monster to recruit the industry professionalism you can expect. Most companies provide a large list of services so you get only what you want to pay for.

Saving Solutions

Hiring esports companies saves more than just money, but mountains of resources. By outsourcing through an esports agency you save on full-time salaries and unforeseen payments you might run into. No hidden clauses in contracts and no unpredictable fees in the midst of an unfortunate event. Similar to hiring any type of professional, you don’t have to provide the tools and resources necessary for their job. Professional gaming requires a lot of peripherals. Some obvious, PC’s and jerseys. Yet some aren’t so clear, like the gaming chairs players sit into sponsors. There are lots of aspects to keep track of, so it’s best to have professionals run down the checklist with you.

Professional Networking Knowledge

Reaching out for sponsorships, e-celebrities, or special deals can be difficult if one is just starting out. Esports agencies, by the nature of their work, can offer up cross-brand partnerships that otherwise would be potentially unavailable. They’ve been working with all the industry-standard people and companies for a long time. Easily able to get special treatment for their clients. Be it better sponsorships or the applicable influencer for one’s particular event. Getting a top Smash Bros. commentator is miles better than someone who does generic fighting games.

Creating a business relationship with a recruitment agency you rely on will increase the proficiency of the services. The quality of service goes beyond how much you’re paying a company, but the collaboration one creates. Such bonds will add additional noses to the market winds, industry tips, and tricks by the professionals to benefit their favorite customers. Sending the best candidates one’s way or offering an additional service for one’s continued patronage. 

Rather than having a string of staff working designated jobs that would leave at an opportune moment, creating a small esports conglomerate powerhouse facilitates amazing teams and events. Receiving these networking and resourceful industry in’s can be accessed through Sim Staff’s large portfolio of contacts by contacting them here.

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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