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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about the SimPal service from SimStaff.

What is SimPal?

SimPal is our hands-on delivery of high-quality technicians to deal with your Sim Racing-related issues, sold by SimStaff. We provide passionate, knowledgeable Sim Racing enthusiasts who are verified by our network to help troubleshoot all your ongoing problems.

What services are available?

We’ve created pre-packaged services based on typical customer requests for products purchased in the Sim Racing industry. Some of our services can be delivered remotely, whilst other services may be delivered on-site, subject to location.

How does SimStaff prioritize my safety?

SimStaff's top focus is the safety of both our staff and our customers. Your safety and the safety of others are the most important things.

What happens after I buy your service?

SimStaff will email you to confirm orders and appointments. You have the option to allow SimStaff's service provider to phone you before your appointment to walk you through the specifics as you are checking out. Please note that our rescheduling/cancellation process may be subject to additional fees.

How long should the appointment take?

Based on the services and your project, the duration of the service may change. An approximate appointment length will be included in the emails that confirm and remind you about your appointment. This timeframe is separate from the arrival window you selected, which defines when the work should commence.

Will I need to purchase any parts for the service?

Your choice of service will determine this. You should read the specifics of the scope of work for each service as they will inform you of what you require. There are various options for normal service, and your choice may have an impact on the parts you require. You should presume SimStaff's service provider will provide all essential materials, tools, and equipment if it isn't stated differently.

What if my project is more complex than what is listed or I want to make changes to the scope?

If your needs change, you can decide to alter your scope of work (and service pricing) in consultation with SimStaff's service provider. Before the job is finished, you should consent to any changes and any additional costs. When this occurs, the service provider for SimStaff will request that you purchase an additional service option on to pay the additional fees before the work is completed. The same service provider has been given the additional order.

What should I expect on the day of the service?

The service provider for SimStaff will arrive within the timeframe indicated in your email. At the time of service, an adult should be present. Before starting the service, the provider will clarify the job's scope once they are on site. The service provider will ask you to sign a Confirmation of Appointment after the service is complete. Your SimStaff account will be used automatically to process payment for the service.

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