How to Recruit the best Esports staff for your events in 2023

The most important part of running any kind of Esports event, bar none, is the staff that work to keep the event running. Once an event grows beyond 20 people, it becomes incredibly tough for a single person to handle that volume of customers without issue: so having a team of staff to spread the workload is imperative. In this article, we’ll be giving you helpful tips and points to consider when it comes to finding and recruiting the right staff for your event, regardless of the genre of game.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on;

  1. What to include in your Job Description
  2. What kind of training and support to provide
  3. Key points on Communication and Coordination
  4. The importance of Flexibility and Adaptability
  5. Essential Pre Event Setup
  6. How to recognise good work

So that you can improve the event you’re running with simple improvements.

Job Description

All jobs begin with the job description, and it is a vital point in your recruitment efforts. Keep it concise, with only the most important information in the job description itself. Things such as the event’s structure and such can be kept for interviews or post-hiring, while the requirements of the job, such as knowledge of a game or piece of equipment should be forefront in the description. You want the description to give the prospective staff enough information to go “I can do that job, I shall apply”.

Training and Support

Once you have found the staff for your event and brought them on board, it’s time to train them. This may seem counterintuitive given that you’ve hired staff already in the sector and most likely skilled in the kind of event you’re running, but every person has their own methods and preferences for working at an event, and this will need to be standardised across the team. In addition to this, there should be a solid support structure to your staffing team, so that things such as feedback and complaints are handled professionally, and if needed, anonymously if an incident is bad. 

Communication and Coordination

A team cannot work well together without being able to talk to one another. Setting up a space where the team can openly communicate with everyone, as well as access important documents for an event are key. This can include a discord channel or two, or a Microsoft teams group, it is best to decide what works for your event based on the people involved. Discord is a much more informal method, and is simpler to set up and manage, while Microsoft Teams provides a more rigid framework and tools that may be useful for an event.

In a tech heavy event such as a sim racing event, giving all your staff access to any handbooks related to the equipment in use will also allow for effective troubleshooting without having to resort to asking other staff or the internet most of the time. In addition, make sure everyone can see a schedule both for the event, and for staff breaks as well, to ensure that your team of staff is in sync with one another and knows how things will go

Flexibility and Adaptability

As an employer of a team of staff for an Esports event, it pays to listen to your team and take feedback on board. No one wants to work under a boss who’s set in their ways and refuses to change, as it only promotes falling in line. If good feedback is presented, adjust the event to include it. If a staff member has odd hours and gives a fair notice, try your best to work with it, as it means they’ll be happier when they are working, as well as more willing to work with you in the future. For tournaments specifically, look to your staff for things like seeding for players, especially if it’s a region or genre you yourself are not familiar with. 

Pre Event Setup

Making sure your team knows what they are doing before, during and after an event is essential. Do encourage multiple dry runs of setup and event production, even if it’s just discussing it, so people know what to do and who to ask if they forget or things get stressful. Having a predetermined layout as well for things such as spectator seating also helps keep order for an event. Pre-event briefs essentially give the teams a written list of things that need doing before an event, as well as scheduling and other information for an event that they can refer to throughout setup, as well as into the event itself.

Recognising good work

As we mentioned prior, staff like to work with someone who’s accommodating to their needs as well as the event, and this carries on after an event is finished. When all is said and done, don’t be afraid to reward those, either financially or other ways, who went above and beyond their role, to encourage further work of that standard. Do not, however, do this and expect that to be the standard for future events, as it can quickly dishearten not only that staff member, but others who can take it as your standards being too high.

Overall, staff are the most important part of any event, and no event can run smoothly on the back of one person beyond 20 or so participants or customers. Keeping the information clear and easy to access, both before and after hiring, as well as communications open and the event structure organised to keep staff both happy and working hard are all important facets that can be improved with just these small tips presented to you.

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